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Question: What fees do the applicants pay?

There are NO fees to applicants nor do we deduct monies from your paycheque. Our services are completely free to you, the job seeker. Companies who partner with us pay for the service.

Question: Can you afford NOT to use as staffing service?

Many companies feel the answer is no - they can't afford not to. Staffing companies are trained on the latest trends for interviewing - whether behavioural and/or chronological - and they play an integral role in the selection of new staff. Often times the staffing companies have more elaborate testing systems than companies themselves because that is what they handle 100% of their day.

Question: Why use a staffing service rather than having the human resource department handle hiring?

By utilizing a staffing company to handle the recruiting side of human resources, it frees up your own team to handle other items like benefits administration, WSIB claims management, employee relations and/or union issues, absenteeism tracking, employee training and list goes on and on.

Question: When might a company hire a staffing service to recruit for them?

Many companies have seasonal fluctuations. The company can focus on their "core" employees while still getting the work done during other peak days or months when they're busy focusing on their primary product line.

Question: Can I get my foot in the door at a company I like other than working with a staffing company?

Yes you can, but if you don't know anyone who works within that company it's harder than you might think. By having a staffing company handle the recruiting process - it removes some of the "it's who you know" element and instead focuses on the skills you have to offer to the company.

Question: Can staffing companies help me decide if a new field of work is the right decision for me?

Yes - by accepting short term contracts in a field that may be new for you, you are given the opportunity to try it out without making a long term commitment before you decide if it's the field you're really interested in. Even though this example refers to short term contracts, many staffing companies also place many people in evaluation hire openings or direct hire - full time placements.

Question: How do I get paid when I work through a staffing company?

The staffing company is legally the employer of record. Most staffing companies pay you every week after the week you've worked. You would have been quoted a rate of pay for the position plus you will receive your 4% vacation pay.

Question: What are the differences between staffing companies?

You can do your research ahead of time by surfing a staffing company's web page to determine the types of jobs they generally recruit and if they are a match with your personal background. Additionally, they may belong to an organization like WRASS, the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or ACSESS which may parallel your own beliefs.

Question: Will I be paid for public holidays?

You have the same rights to public holiday pay as other employees in Ontario.

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